Cowden Protocol Day 4- New Medicine Introduced-

Good Morning Loves! I hope everybody is having a good week. The first three days of the Cowden Protocol are focused on a detox. Since I was already working with an LLMD and had “sort of” started treatment, I was well detoxed already so this was an added plus. So far, I am very happy with the products and how easy it is to remember to take them. You simply mix the drops needed for each dose with water and take them all together. I love that it is all wrote out for me and that I am not taking 28 different pills. I was really having the hardest time remembering all of my other medicine before this protocol. Not to mention, I was absolutely miserable from all of the antibiotics. Today I introduce 8 new products into my protocol. My first dose is done. These are what they are, and what they do.

Microbial Defense: anti-inflammatory, broad-spectrum antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic (both protozoa and worms) herbal tincture; also effective against Borrelia burgdorferi, other Borrelia species and Lyme co-infections.

Microbial Defense: Derived from the bark of a South American tree, takuna is an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory that is effective against influenzas.

Magnesium Malate (capsule):
A highly absorbable and utilizable form of magnesium which helps to maintain normal cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, bone and other cellular functions.

Serrapeptase: (SILK WORMS?!- HOW COOL!)
An enzyme derived from the serratia bacteria in the gut of silk worms; this enzyme digests fibrin covering over and hiding microbes in the body, digests fibrin attached to the capillary wall (thus improving oxygen transport into the tissues) and aids in the digestion of microbial biofilm.

Microbial Defense: immune-system modulator, anti-inflammatory, broad-spectrum, antibacterial herbal tincture effective against Borrelia burgdorferi and the co-infections.

Sulphur Detox: an asparagus herbal tincture that detoxifies the body from sulfa antibiotics and other sulfa drugs which can block the detoxification pathways.

Microbial Defense: Commonly known as a sugar substitute and sweetener, the Cowden protocol’s version of stevia (which is a whole-leaf extract) has been proven in lab studies to be more effective at killing Lyme bacteria than most antibiotics, and it can also eliminate the cyst versions and biofilm of the bacteria by 90%.

Metal Detox: a combination of sea weed, chlorella and cilantro extracts that mobilize from the tissues and bind heavy metals, various radioactive substances and other positively-charged toxins, especially in the gut, so that those items can be eliminated from the body.

I am not having any problems drinking a gallon of water a day. I am eating great, I see a therapist once week, we even do yoga there. I am healing in every single way possible. Healthy mind = Healthy body. I cannot thank Gregg Kirk and the Ticked Off Foundation enough for allowing me access to this program at such a discounted rate. I am going to go into remission, and I am going to help people, the way I have been helped. My pain has taught me my purpose. I may be chronically ill, but I am chronically GRATEFUL!

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Xoxo- Ash


Just a little note for the day.

No two lymies are the same. None of us really know exactly what the other is experiencing, The best we can do is listen to each other with an open mind, not pass judgment, and share our stories to help educate others. I personally find this to be a healing process as well. Through writing, we can look back and see how far we have come. Through sharing our stories we can provide the building blocks to a proper diagnosis for those still in medical limbo. We might just be the reason somebody doesn’t give up hope.

The end of this month- April 2019- officially marks 13 years since I got infected. It has been a tough 13 years for me, but I am thankful for every single day. Through my journey, I have discovered a toughness in me that I did not know existed. I discovered the backbone I have is so much stronger than I gave myself credit for. I fought for answers for 13 years. I had many doctors tell me I was crazy, there was nothing wrong with me, I just had panic disorder, my pain was all in my head the list goes on and on. I have lost many “friends”, I have lost jobs, I wasn’t able to finish college, but guess what I found? Myself.

God knew I needed to be stripped of everything to heal. I needed to be stripped of everything in order to face my past childhood trauma (I highly believe healing the mind plays a huge role in healing the body). I needed to be stripped of everything to understand how special the body is, and how important our thoughts are. I have always been more on the spiritual side, but now- I am finally ME. While I have a long road ahead of me, I am looking forward to every single step of it. I have grown so much through my pain. I am so thankful for it all honestly. It has made me into such a beautiful, loving, forgiving, patient soul.

Many times I lost hope and I am fortunate for the blogs I read. I am thankful for the medical groups on Facebook and Instagram, and my friends for helping me stay afloat. My hopes through this blog, are to spread education and awareness. To help those of you who feel like you are drowning, stay afloat. Be gentle with yourselves.


A Change in my Treatment

I never imagined choosing a different treatment plan would be such an “option” for me. When my first trip to DC to see my LLMD got rescheduled, not once, but twice I told myself that something else was coming. Most LLMD’s are going to prescribe a series of different antibiotics to target the Lyme Bacteria (borrelia burgdorferi) and then each co-infection (if you have co-infections). There are also a lot of natural products used to treat Lyme Disease and co-infections.

There are 27 different antibiotics listed in my current treatment manual. I have took it upon myself to look back at my past 13 years of infection and see what antibiotics I have been on. I have been on 15 of the 27. I may have been on these for different reasons, however, in reality all of my infections over the last years were related to my Lyme and co-infections. I have been hospitalized multiple times for Kidney Infections and UTI’s and given IV antibiotics- that would have also kicked some of my co-infections, had they worked for me. When I first got bit I was hospitalized and given three different IV antibiotics. Once my fever dropped I was released to medical hold and put on Percocete, but they did not continue my antibiotics. After thinking about this and all of the medicines I have already tried, I KNOW antibiotics are not the right route for me with treatment. On Wednesday, I got the phone call that validated my thoughts.

Gregg Kirk is the founder of the Ticked Off Foundation. Gregg also has Post-Treatment Lyme with co-infections, and went the same route I was going, with worsening of infections. The Ticked Off Foundation helps Lyme patients in financial need to get treatment through donated funds. The foundation also gives their patients consultation through the whole process, FOR FREE. Through the foundation I also qualify for the entire Cowden Protocol (costs around $5000) for the low cost of $790.00!!! I had done some research on the Cowden Protocol in the past, and I have a feeling this is my answer. To see my LLMD I have to pay $900.00 for the office visit, plus hotel, plus $300.00 every three months, PLUS the costs of all my medicines needed. The phone call from Gregg was an absolute blessing!

What is the Cowden Protocol? The Cowden Protocol was created by Dr. Cowden himself and it is a series of different tinctures and natural products. After looking at all of the different products, they are seriously designed to get EVERY co-infection including my “opportunistic infections” of EBV, Parvo, CMV. The protocol will be sent to me monthly, and includes a book for dosage and all- much easier to keep track of. The biggest plus, they are all natural and herbal products- which I believe is the route I need to go since antibiotics have done nothing but torn up my organs. I ordered my first month on Wednesday and I cannot wait to start it! I will do my best to keep this updated along the treatment journey!

Lastly, I do want to mention that self-work is necessary in treatment. Too many people do not realize the mind and body are absolutely connected. If we are harboring pain, trauma, and negative thoughts- our bodies will hold on to those and we will feel them. I promise. I have been doing a lot of spiritual work and self-work, and my pain pill usage has dropped significantly. The mind is a powerful thing, THOUGHTS DO BECOME THINGS!

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XoXo- Ash

21 days til DC!-Time to start meds tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be starting a long, hardcore, treatment process. Most people with chronic Lyme over 10 years take an average of 3-5 years to treat, I am shooting for 1-2 years and time will tell!! My insurance company called and overrode my medicine and it’s time to start it full strength. In about 48-72 hours after my first 400mg dosage the hell will set in. Yes, it is hell, but it’s temporary. Looking back over the last 13 years I was prescribed many of the medications actually used for Lyme disease and co-infections. I have taken many of these for chronic UTI’s, Surgeries, and other infections. It now make complete sense as to why I felt the way I felt, and experienced the symptoms I did during those times, that made me think I was loosing it. Actually, a few times, I did lose it.

I had a great life in Florida. I had a relationship that had it’s ups and downs, but it had so many more ups and was amazing, I had an amazing job, I HAVE amazing friends, and I had amazing doctor’s. There is not one doubt in my mind my Florida doctor’s would have figured this out but my journey was meant to bring me back home for a while.

It is kind of a blow to get diagnosed with endometriosis, have three surgeries, do six months of Lupron injections(HELL), then also have to have a hysterectomy for Adenomyosis at 28, with no children. Get an implant in my back with a wire in my spine to make my bladder send the signal to my brain-still have to self Cath. ALL to find the ROOT CAUSE to be LYME DISEASE and co-infections! Who would have ever thought that bite that sent me to the hospital in March of 2007 at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas would lead to this. Holy shit, right? What a ride, what a bumpy ass, emotional, fucking ride. Sorry to anybody I’ve hurt along this ride.

I don’t know what really set this in for me this time. I don’t know if it was the stress of watching my grandpa die, if it was the stress of a good friendship ending, if it was the stress of a job that I loved ending. I’ve always been a planner, a doer, a go getter and all of a sudden BOOM it’s all been brought to a stop for me. It’s uncomfortable, it’s hard, it’s so hard- but if I learned one thing through my father’s struggle and suicide it is that I will never give up and that being uncomfortable means growth is happening.

Please be your own advocate. We know our bodies, just listen closely. I was misdiagnosed for 13 years, and there is damage that will not be undone. I am so glad I listened to my intuition, and my body. I never gave up finding the right answers, and I will not give up while I am fighting this, even on my hardest days. I will find that one little cell that has the power to divide and heal my body. No matter how sick, tired, angry, hopeless or sad I get. There will be a rainbow after this storm, and it will all be worth it. 💚 Ash

What is Neuroborreliosis?

Lyme Borreliosis is a tick-borne transmitted infectious disease caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. This spirochete can invade the central nervous systems resulting in Neuroborreliosis (Neurological Lyme Disease) in up to 15% of the affected patients. I am sure the numbers are higher due to the lack of proper diagnosis.

In clinical practice, patients are usually categorized into acute neuroborreliosis if their symptom duration is less than 6 months, and late manifestation/chronic neuroborreliosis if their symptom duration is greater than 6 months(me).

Neuroborreliosis represents a relevant infectious disease and can cause a variety of neurological manifestations. Different stages and syndromes are described and atypical symptoms can result in diagnostic delay or misdiagnosis. Many symptoms of Neuroborreliosis mimic Multiple Sclerosis and Bells Palsy, due to the neurological manifestations, and cranial nerve palsy (nerves stemming directly from the brain).

Cranial nerve palsy may cause a complete or partial weakness or paralysis of the areas served by the affected nerve (10 nerves originate from the brain stem).

In patients with a combination of deficits, back pain was the first symptom, followed by headache, and finally by cranial nerve palsy. Indeed, signs of meningitis were often found in patients with neuroborreliosis.

Once diagnosed, the majority of patients with neuroborreliosis experience a favorable outcome after long term antibiotic treatment.

For more information and studies on Neuroborreliosis please check out the following links:



Hi everybody! Chances are if you’re here, you know my story- if not all of it you know part of it-and if you don’t know any of it and you came across this somehow I hope that you can find information you need. My hope is to help others who have been fighting not only Lyme disease but also co-infections of Lyme disease as well as Endometriosis and infertility, and maybe I’ll even touch base on the personal struggles along the way, God knows I can help somebody with my journey with my father.

This blog is going to be a work-in-progress, as we all as humans of course are. I have a long road ahead of me starting treatment with my new Lyme literate doctor out of Washington D.C. We have high hopes to be able to kill the bacteria and cure me, minus the organs that are already missing of course. I believe my bone quality is going to really be dependent on what the lupron did to them since it causes bone marrow loss. For those of you that don’t know I did six months of lupron therapy after my second Endometriosis surgery because I was still having issues, I will touch base on that more in another post.

Within this site I am going to do different pages on all of the topics that are of high importance to me. These will contain information about co-infections, my diagnoses-as well as all of the false ones, my journey to get here, and the importance of Self-Advocacy. I will share lab results with red flags gone missed, test results, as well as photos and videos of what I myself have experienced. I will share things I have found to help me as well as things I have found to not be good for me. Every single lymie is different, none of us are the same-but many things can help, and I want to help others not suffer as long as I did.

Stay Tuned-♥️